1500VDC PV Connector(MC4)

Short Description:

•Insulation materrial:PPO

•Rated current:30A (2.5mm2) 50A (4.0mm2,6.0mm2)

•Rated voltage:1500V DC

•Test voltage:8kV (50Hz, lmin)

•Contact resistance:<5mQ

•Contact material:Copper,Tin plated

•Degree of protection:IP2X/IP68

Product Detail

Product Tags

Male Connector CN40-CMMM-** Female Connector CN40-CFPM-**
Optional Metal Terminals:Lathed Terminal  

Optional Metal Terminals:Stamped Terminal  
Panel Male Connector CN40-PMMM-** Panel Female Connector CN40-PFPM-**
Optional Metal Terminals:Lathed Terminal  
Optional Metal Terminals:Stamped Terminal  

 Technical Data

Insulation materrial


Rated current

30A (2.5mm2) 50A (4.0mm2,6.0mm2)

Rated voltage

1500V DC

Test voltage

8kV (50Hz, lmin)

Contact resistance


Contact material

Copper,Tin plated

Degree of protection


Safety class


Overvoltage category/Pollution degree


Flame class


Insertion force


Withdrawal force


Ambient temperature range

-40℃: ~ +85℃(IEC)

Suitable cable cross sections


Connecting system

Crimp Connection

♦Solar connectors are the name of the connection type on all new solar panels, providing an IP68 waterproof and dust proof safe electrical connection.
♦MC4 connectors are a mostly obsolete type of single contact connector commonly used for connecting solar panels. Can be installed on any conventional solar module junction box, solar combiner box interconnection or added to solar modules with existing MC4 connectors for extended distances. Greatly speeds up installation of solar array.Features of MC4 connectors:
♦With excellent ageing resistance and UV endurance, it can be used in harsh environments.
♦The cable connects by means of a rivet and lock.
♦It does not need extra instruments for the removal of plugs and removal will not cause any harm to plugs.
♦Stable self-locking system which is easy to lock and open
♦Corrosion-resistant connectors for long-term usage

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