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DC isolation switch for photovoltaic inverter–NL series


Since the reform and opening up, China’s photovoltaic industry has handed over an impressive report card from scratch, from backwardness to catch-up. Market competition has transitioned from simple price competition to quality competition, and then to the stage of brand competition. Photovoltaic companies have also transformed from the current “world factories” to world-class companies. It is worth mentioning that, with the significant improvement of China’s photovoltaic technology level, key components and components have basically been localized, and a complete industrial chain with international advanced level has been built.

In the early days, photovoltaic inverters and photovoltaic combiner boxes were mainly used in 1000V photovoltaic systems. Later, because the voltage of photovoltaic systems increased to 1500V, photovoltaic switches also increased to 1500V with the system, but at this time, the parameter requirements of switches have reached the ceiling. , The main photovoltaic switch R&D companies in the market are competing in the field of DC disconnect switches and AC disconnect switches for reliability, performance and cost. In response to the development trend of the photovoltaic market and the technical requirements for new products and applications, ADELS has continued to strengthen research and development efforts, and has independently developed and manufactured a series of DC electrical components that can fully meet the DC side requirements of photovoltaic power generation systems.

ADELS developed the NL series isolation switch in the early days, and the parameters reached 4P/1200V/32A. At that time, it was the first product in China that passed the UL508I photovoltaic isolation switch standard. Later, due to the demand for market expansion, the NL1 series isolation switch was developed, and the parameters reached 2P/1200/20A, and the product parameters reached the highest index in the industry.

In 2017, in order to achieve the ultimate quality, the R&D team of ADELS innovated and upgraded again, and designed the ace product-NL2 series switches. ADELS NL series DC switches are mainly used for 1-200KW photovoltaic string inverters, distributed inverters and controllers. The NL2 series has improved parameters, reaching 2P/1200V/32A, and the volume is the same as the NL1 series. It is currently a 2P product with the highest load index in the industry, and it can reach up to DC 1200V 32A under 2-pole single negative conditions. Compared with the original DC-PV1 and DC-21B products, which can only break the fault current of 1.5 times the rated current, this product can meet the requirements of the photovoltaic standard use category DC-PV2, and can break the fault current of 4 times the rated current. The product also has the characteristics of low temperature rise, high life, extremely short arc extinguishing time, etc., and the wiring methods are diversified, which can meet the needs of multi-channel MPPT of the inverter. The NL2 series has passed a number of international certifications such as TUV and SAA. The operating mechanism and structure have independent patents, and they have obtained the first UL certification in China. This is not only the first domestic brand in China to successfully pass the UL certification, but also the So far, the only product with UL certificate, ADELS has successfully stood on the commanding heights of cutting-edge technology in the field of DC electrical disconnectors. In addition, NL2 cancels the original screw-fastening structure of the whole machine, and adopts fully automatic ultrasonic welding process, which improves production efficiency and product consistency. 98% of the parts and components of all ADELS products are self-made, and the consistency of product quality is strictly controlled to fully guarantee the safety of photovoltaic system operation.

Since its establishment, ADELS has always looked at the world, started from practical application, and took the international first-class technical level as the benchmark.

The products not only meet the high standard requirements of the user end for component products, provide high-reliability products for the power station system, but also closely integrate cost reduction to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase in the true sense, and continue to make breakthroughs on the road of healthy photovoltaic development. Self, break through problems, and escort the development of photovoltaics