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Application and characteristics of DC isolation switch


The DC isolating switch is a device for preventing the short circuit between AC and DC of the DC isolating switch. It is connected with an isolating transformer between the power input terminal of the AC motor power supply switch cabinet and the three-phase AC power input line, and the input of the three-phase AC power supply. The line is connected with the primary winding of the isolation transformer, and the secondary winding of the isolation transformer is connected with the power inlet end of the AC motor power supply switch cabinet.

The DC isolation switch solves the control system of the DC isolation switch in the prior art. Due to the damage of the insulator between the shell of the AC motor and the deceleration mechanism with DC power and other reasons, the insulation strength of the insulator is reduced, or when the AC motor leaks, the of AC and DC short-circuit accidents. It effectively protects the safe operation of power supply rectifier equipment and prevents major economic losses and personal injury.

Scope of application

The DC isolating switch is suitable for isolation protection in lines with operating voltages up to 1000VDC and rated currents up to 100A, and realizes load distribution.

disconnection and effective isolation. It is mainly used in the photovoltaic field.

The DC isolation switch is mainly suitable for indoor installations with AC 50/60Hz, rated voltage of 1500V, maximum voltage of 1000V, and rated current of 200A and 400A. In addition to being used for switching power supplies, DC isolating switches can also be used for infrequently making and breaking circuits.

Structural features

ADELS L2 series DC disconnect switches are suitable for 1-20 KW residential or commercial photovoltaic systems, placed between the photovoltaic module and the inverter. The arc time is less than 8ms, making the solar system safer. To ensure its stability and long service life, our products are manufactured by comp orients in the best quality. Maximum voltage up to 1200V DC. In the leading position in the safety of similar products.

The more important significance is that the successful application of this technology enables our country to have the cooling technology of large-scale hydro-generators without intellectual property rights. At the beginning of the 21st century in my country, there will be a large number of large and super large hydro-generators waiting to be developed and produced, and cooling is one of the key technologies. The outstanding advantages of complete adaptation, so the expected economic and social benefits will be enormous.

The DC disconnect switch comes from the synthesis of electrical machinery, motor structure, engineering thermophysics and dielectric electrochemistry, and has a rich content. However, the structure required to realize it on the motor is not complicated, so the application of this technology is wider. Generally speaking, the hydro-generator with a capacity of more than 200 megawatts can obtain good economic benefits by using this technology. For units that start frequently (such as pumped-storage power plants) or require super-generating capacity (including capacity expansion), there will be better results.